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    Possible Ranks for your clan!


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    Possible Ranks for your clan!

    Post by Chaox on Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:46 pm


    When you establish your own clan you will need to set some levels (or, in other words, a meter of trust).

    Here are some possible level systems you could use!

    - lv. 6 (Leader) They are responsible for the whole community!
    - lv. 5 (Senior Admin) They are responsible for helping Leaders with anything!
    - lv. 4 (Head Admin) They are responsible for keeping the forum clean!
    - lv. 3 (Guard - Banrighted) They are responsible for keeping the servers clean!
    - lv. 2 (Kickrighted) They keep the teams (on servers) balanced and report rulebreakers!
    - lv. 1 (Members) They help by reporting hackers and apply the rules!

    - Sponsors are people who sponsor our clan.They give us forum and servers!
    - Special Guests are old importnt members of DL!
    - Trusted are players on server who help DLs apply justice!

    Then if you have a clan name related to army you could use this one!

    - lv. 6 (General) They are responsible for whole clan!
    - lv. 5 (Colonel) They help Generals run the clan!
    - lv. 4 (Captain) They help run the forum and external sites of clan!
    - lv. 3.5 (Lietunant) They help in keeping your forum clean!
    - lv. 3 (Sergeant) They protect servers!
    - lv. 2 (Corporal) They keep game balance and report hackers!

    - Allies There you can add people who have helped your clan!
    - Trusted Civillians They are undercover people who help to bust hackers!

    Also, you could use this system!

    - lv. 5 (Leader)
    - lv. 4 (Co-Leader)
    - lv. 3 (Ron admin) They are responsible for rcon!
    - lv. 2 (Admin) They protect serers!
    - lv. 1 (Member)

    - Clan Partner
    - Friends

    Hope this info helped you with establishing a good and stable levels system for your clan!

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