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    How to promote your clan!


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    How to promote your clan!

    Post by Chaox on Sat Dec 01, 2012 1:56 am


    1. Xfire

    Xfire community is one of the most important,since members you add there can see the rest members and your clan servers in a list!

    You can create an xfire community here!

    2. Youtube Channel

    Youtube channel is helpful, since there you can upload videos ith info about your clan and your clan's frag movie!

    Click hereto create your Youtube channel!

    3. Facebook

    Facebook can help with advertising your clan,since everyine has an FB profile.You can use it ,also, to announce nes of your clan!

    Create Facebook page here!

    4. GameTracker page

    Gametracker is really important,since players from your server can find your website and additional servers you may have throu that!

    Create a GameTracker page here!

    5. ESL Community

    ESL stands for Electronic Sports League,through it your clan can participate in competitions and win ,even money!

    Create an ESL community here!

    6. Messages on your servers

    Use your addon to assign messages!With them you can advertise your website and other servers!

    7. Advertise your clan on websites

    Many people try to find a clan to join,so they check on websites!


    8. Play wars between the members of your clan

    By that way your server will attract some people, since they will see that,that server is preffered by some and is half full.

    9. Insist that your members stay even as spectators on your servers,if they cannot play.

    If this info helped you press "thanks" button!
    For any questions you may have post in this topic!


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